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West Philadelphia Orchestra + Johnny Showcase at Ardmore Music Hall 1/31

West Philadelphia Orchestra + Johnny Showcase & The Mystic Ticket
Thursday, January 31st 2019
at The Ardmore Music Hall

6:30pm Seated Doors
7pm Standing Doors
7:30 pm Show

$12 Adv // $15 D.O.S // $25 Seated // $49 Tables
Tickets on sale now: http://bit.ly/WPO_ShowcaseAMH

“West Philadelphia Orchestra plays music
that is mostly rooted in Eastern European folk music traditions, but we do it with our own voices, Philadelphia voices nourished by our jazz heritage, tinged with punk rock, soul, and cheesesteaks, and blended with the voices of our community.
As a village band, we aim to uplift, inspire, and unify the Philadelphia community by playing music that renders boundaries obsolete and represents excellence.
We play concerts on big stages, concerts in tiny corners; we play house parties and block parties; benefits and protest rallies; weddings and any occasion for celebration; and everywhere we play, feet stomp, hands clap, hips sway, people grab hold of one another, lift their glasses, and celebrate life, absurdity, and what is best in us.”

Johnny Showcase is an electrifying experience. A 10-piece absurdist soul outfit based in Philadelphia, it is an innovative, joyful tour-de-force that blissfully toes the line between performance art and a psychedelic soul revival. Carrying the torch of funk-rock pioneers like Funkadelic and Frank Zappa, they have gained a massive following and propelled Johnny to something that of a funky Philly folk hero legend.


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