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5 Technology Trends Small Businesses Should Consider in 2019

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Source: Inc

Next year is shaping up to be transformative for the way we do business, thanks to rapidly improving voice recognition technologysocial media platforms pushing to become integral to marketing and e-commerce efforts, increasing competition for top talent, and a slew of new apps on the horizon.

1. Optimizing your content for voice search.

For years, small businesses have engaged in search engine optimization tactics to help their website or blog rank higher in Google’s search results. And for years, we’ve been interacting with AI assistants like Siri and Alexa to help us learn, shop, and communicate.

Now those two worlds are colliding: Voice search is changing the way users find and Google surfaces content–and it’s opening up unique opportunities for small, local businesses to boost their visibility. We’ve seen many of our small business customers jump on the voice search bandwagon.

Here are a few reasons why optimizing for voice search is different, and so important: People are increasingly using their mobile devices and smart speakers to voice search, and when they do, their queries are more conversational and longer than typical typed searches.

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