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Happy Croissant Day!!!

in Lower Merion/Narberth
Happy Croissant Day!

There are several legends of how the croissant came to be. One is that in 1683, the Turkish Empire was turned away in Vienna, Austria. To celebrate bakers who took part in the defeat made a crescent shaped pastry to celebrate. The second, is that Marie Antoinette introduced the flakey pastry to the French over 100 years later.

Today is a fabulous opportunity to celebrate the hundreds of layers of goodness. We visited with LePetit Mitron, in Narberth, to get their take on the croissant. They have been a family owned and a neighborhood staple since 2001. You are treated with the glorious sweet scent of pastries the moment that you step in. There are so many incredible fresh baked items to choose from. Besides croissants, they also offer: danish, turnovers, beignets, amandine, cookies, cakes and pastries which are made fresh daily on the premises.

We asked owner Isabelle Rurange, what makes this French Pastry shop’s croissant so special, “We make them (in) three days and they are all fresh. Made with butter, lots of butter. Doing them the traditional way.” We can tell you that they are a labor of love. They are flaky and buttery and simply delicious. You can visit LePetit Mitron at 2017 Haverford Avenue, Narberth, PA.

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