Deep Dish… New York Style… White… Plain… Pepperoni… Works… Meat Lovers… Vege… Cheese… NO! Anchovies… Hawaiian… How do you like your Pizza? Is there a food that creates such a strong feeling of emotion or memory? Do you like thin crust or thick? Extra Cheese or Extra Sauce? So many varieties and flavors. You can… Keep Reading

Lunar New Year 2019: How to usher in the Year of the Pig

Source: CNN When the clock strikes midnight on February 5, wishes of good fortune will be expressed, fireworks will explode into the sky and red envelopes filled with money will be exchanged as millions of people around the world ring in the Lunar New Year, also known as Spring Festival. In other words, it’s basically one big… Keep Reading

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

We rely on our mail carriers to bring us our mail every day. No matter if it is rain or shine, snow or hail, our mail carriers work hard to deliver our mail to us on time . Mail carrying been a major tool in communication throughout the centuries. Here are some Fun Facts: (Source:… Keep Reading

Happy Croissant Day!!!

There are several legends of how the croissant came to be. One is that in 1683, the Turkish Empire was turned away in Vienna, Austria. To celebrate bakers who took part in the defeat made a crescent shaped pastry to celebrate. The second, is that Marie Antoinette introduced the flakey pastry to the French over… Keep Reading


The Ancient Greeks are believed to have originated the pie pastry. Today, we have amazing bakeries right here in our own backyard producing delicious pies. What’s Happening Lower Merion visited 3 to get their take on pies and pie day. All of the bakeries take a tremendous amount of pride in what they do and… Keep Reading

in Ardmore

Professional Networking on The Main Line has another great turnout.

The bitter freezing temperatures couldn’t keep over thirty business professionals away from the Iron Hill Brewery, in Ardmore. Host and creator of the organization Brian Cronin observed how the group continues to grow and the events keep getting better. This group fills a need for evening networking events on the Main Line. They pick a… Keep Reading

New Community Mural Brightens Up Penn Valley

Source: Main Line Media News LOWER MERION — Drivers along one stretch of Montgomery Avenue in Lower Merion have something new to glance at as they travel along the roadway — a new mural. The mural was created with an eye toward beautifying the neighborhood as members of the Penn Valley Civic Association, along with help of… Keep Reading


In case you missed it, today is Cheese Lovers Day. It’s the absolute perfect day to celebrate and enjoy cheese. Pick up your favorite or try something that you have not had yet. We visited 2 fabulous locations today. They are knowledgable, friendly and they know their cheese. Tommy at Di Bruno Bros. at the… Keep Reading

Huge Turnout for Cafē Lift Narberth

Cafē Lift Narberth opened their doors to the public last night to showcase their new dinner menu. Their restaurant was packed with friends, loyal fans and those curious to see what this new comer to the area is all about. The idea originally for this location was for a coffee bar and bakery. The ownership… Keep Reading

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