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Pizza Day!

Deep Dish… New York Style… White… Plain… Pepperoni… Works… Meat Lovers… Vege… Cheese… NO! Anchovies… Hawaiian…

How do you like your Pizza? Is there a food that creates such a strong feeling of emotion or memory? Do you like thin crust or thick? Extra Cheese or Extra Sauce? So many varieties and flavors. You can have your pizza delivered, dine in or by the slice. Cold leftover pizza. Do you eat your slice front to back or back to front? Do you fold it in half? There are endless possibilities.

Every Friday was pizza day in school. You could smell it in the hall walking to the cafeteria. That was the day that the lines were the longest. Pizza was never used as a flying projectile for a food fight. You never saw those square pieces of crust and cheese being flung in the air like the veal patty. You saw less lunchboxes on pizza day. Then there was summer camp pizza. A greasy gooey mess of 1 pound of cheese on every slice. We used to take a napkin and put it on the pizza to remove the extra oil. Laughing at to how many napkins would be needed. We had contests to see who could eat the most. Who could beat the legendary pizza eaters from Summer’s past.

There was pizza after the game. Late night pizza runs in college. Is pizza not the perfect food? Whats Happening Lower Merion visited 3 of the areas pizzerias to get their take on pizza and pizza day.

Felicia’s Pizza

Tony has been making pizza at Felicia’s for 21 years. He’s proud and dedicated to the pizza that comes out of his oven. “I wouldn’t serve anything that I wouldn’t eat. It has to be right for my customers”

Real Pizza

“Pizza is nourishment!” Steve and Stephanie Liappis have been making pizza for 49 years. At Real Pizza, Steve, makes his own sauce and combines his own cheese. He makes his dough 3 times a day. “We love our people and we love our customers.”

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Wayne Durrant manages the kitchen at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. He has been making pizza with the company for 8 years. He started out as a dishwasher and he worked his way up. He loves working at Anthony’s. The people who work there are his family and friends. “Pizza well done, the best pizza in town.”

Happy Croissant Day!!!

in Lower Merion/Narberth
Happy Croissant Day!

There are several legends of how the croissant came to be. One is that in 1683, the Turkish Empire was turned away in Vienna, Austria. To celebrate bakers who took part in the defeat made a crescent shaped pastry to celebrate. The second, is that Marie Antoinette introduced the flakey pastry to the French over 100 years later.

Today is a fabulous opportunity to celebrate the hundreds of layers of goodness. We visited with LePetit Mitron, in Narberth, to get their take on the croissant. They have been a family owned and a neighborhood staple since 2001. You are treated with the glorious sweet scent of pastries the moment that you step in. There are so many incredible fresh baked items to choose from. Besides croissants, they also offer: danish, turnovers, beignets, amandine, cookies, cakes and pastries which are made fresh daily on the premises.

We asked owner Isabelle Rurange, what makes this French Pastry shop’s croissant so special, “We make them (in) three days and they are all fresh. Made with butter, lots of butter. Doing them the traditional way.” We can tell you that they are a labor of love. They are flaky and buttery and simply delicious. You can visit LePetit Mitron at 2017 Haverford Avenue, Narberth, PA.


in Lower Merion/Narberth

In case you missed it, today is Cheese Lovers Day. It’s the absolute perfect day to celebrate and enjoy cheese. Pick up your favorite or try something that you have not had yet. We visited 2 fabulous locations today. They are knowledgable, friendly and they know their cheese.

Tommy at Di Bruno Bros. at the Ardmore Farmers Market let me know that “Cheese is the best source of Bioavailable vitamins for your body.

Di Bruno Bros.

David at the The Cheese Company in Narberth wants everyone to know that “It’s a Gouda Life!”

The Cheese Company

Huge Turnout for Cafē Lift Narberth

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Feeding the Masses!

Cafē Lift Narberth opened their doors to the public last night to showcase their new dinner menu. Their restaurant was packed with friends, loyal fans and those curious to see what this new comer to the area is all about. The idea originally for this location was for a coffee bar and bakery. The ownership team has come together to create a tremendous hit for Main Line diners. “We appreciate how everyone has received our food and the restaurant”, commented Jason, Co-Owner. Already leaving a mark with serving a fabulous brunch, breakfast and lunch. Now they are providing dinner to those looking for a city vibe without going into Philly.

Michael Pasquarello, Co-Owner, was inspired by his Grandmother who was from Calabria. He loved to watch her cook and was eager to help out when he could. He and his team from 13th Street Kitchens have been working hard to bring this dinner menu to Narberth. Chef Colin Mason shared, “We are offering the community a new style of food that has not been offered in the area”. Recently brought on, he brings his talents and experiences as a chef working at some of the top names in the city.

Cafē Lift highlighted a sample of their dinner menu items for hungry guests. Featuring their Beet Salad, Boudin Balls, Lift Burger, Everything Cured Salmon and Parmesan Truffle Fries. You will find many local and regional beers available in draft and bottles. Check out their cocktail menu as well. Nice to see BlueCoat Gin perched on the back of the bar. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. They made sure that everyone had a great time. Lo-Fi Spirits, of Napa, provided cocktails made from their Dry and Sweet Vermouth and Amaro. The open house was slated to go until 8:00. At 8:30 the restaurant was still bustling with people that were having a spectacular time and not ready to leave.

Cafē Lift is located at: 724 Montgomery Avenue, Narberth, PA. Check them out on the web: Cafē Lift

New Trash, Recycling Schedule In Narberth Effective Jan 1

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Source: Patch

NARBERTH, PA – A new trash and recycling schedule is going into effect in Narberth with the new year.

Effective Jan. 1, trash will be picked up every Monday and the new single-stream recycling will be collected every Thursday. Learn more about single-stream recycling online here.

If the collection days happen to be holidays, materials will be collected on the next business day.

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