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Happy Croissant Day!!!

in Lower Merion/Narberth
Happy Croissant Day!

There are several legends of how the croissant came to be. One is that in 1683, the Turkish Empire was turned away in Vienna, Austria. To celebrate bakers who took part in the defeat made a crescent shaped pastry to celebrate. The second, is that Marie Antoinette introduced the flakey pastry to the French over 100 years later.

Today is a fabulous opportunity to celebrate the hundreds of layers of goodness. We visited with LePetit Mitron, in Narberth, to get their take on the croissant. They have been a family owned and a neighborhood staple since 2001. You are treated with the glorious sweet scent of pastries the moment that you step in. There are so many incredible fresh baked items to choose from. Besides croissants, they also offer: danish, turnovers, beignets, amandine, cookies, cakes and pastries which are made fresh daily on the premises.

We asked owner Isabelle Rurange, what makes this French Pastry shop’s croissant so special, “We make them (in) three days and they are all fresh. Made with butter, lots of butter. Doing them the traditional way.” We can tell you that they are a labor of love. They are flaky and buttery and simply delicious. You can visit LePetit Mitron at 2017 Haverford Avenue, Narberth, PA.


in Ardmore/Bryn Mawr/Lower Merion
The Bakery House

The Ancient Greeks are believed to have originated the pie pastry. Today, we have amazing bakeries right here in our own backyard producing delicious pies. What’s Happening Lower Merion visited 3 to get their take on pies and pie day. All of the bakeries take a tremendous amount of pride in what they do and how they are serving the Lower Merion Community.

The Bakery House

The Bakery House

The Bakery House is celebrating its 30th year. Manager Chris Spina shared, “Everything we make is made from scratch, from the pie dough to the pie filling. We get our fruit fresh, all of our ingredients are fresh. Made to order, baked fresh every day.” He pointed out that it takes 1 hour, for the pie master, to make just 3 of their huge apple pies.

The Ultimate Bake Shoppe of Ardmore

They are famous for their Delicious Home Baked Biscotti, and they continue to tempt shoppers at The Ardmore Farmer’s Market with their baked specialties. One of them is their Pies. Renee exclaimed, “pies make everyone happy!”

Stoltzfus Homestyle Bakery

Stoltzfus Homestyle Bakery

Made with love and butter, Stoltzfus bakery offers fresh Amish baked goods direct from Lancaster County. Rosa told me “We make pies like Mom used to make. We have every kind of pie! We have 3 different kinds of Apple, we have cherry, we have berry berry, peach, blueberry and Shoofly.” She told me that you can eat their shoofly pie for breakfast with milk. “It’s Da Bomb!”

New Community Mural Brightens Up Penn Valley

in Lower Merion/Penn Valley
Photo Source: Main Line Media News

Source: Main Line Media News

LOWER MERION — Drivers along one stretch of Montgomery Avenue in Lower Merion have something new to glance at as they travel along the roadway — a new mural.

The mural was created with an eye toward beautifying the neighborhood as members of the Penn Valley Civic Association, along with help of other residents from across the township, came together to help paint a community mural on the side of a formally blank wall in Penn Valley.

The mural, called “Hometown Ecology,” shows scenes from around the area, including the bridge on Old Gulph Road near West Mill Creek Park and the historic Penn Valley Quaker signs. It also shows nature scenes from the area with native plants and bike riders moving along a trail with Mill Creek in the background.

Continue reading on Main Line Media News.


in Lower Merion/Narberth

In case you missed it, today is Cheese Lovers Day. It’s the absolute perfect day to celebrate and enjoy cheese. Pick up your favorite or try something that you have not had yet. We visited 2 fabulous locations today. They are knowledgable, friendly and they know their cheese.

Tommy at Di Bruno Bros. at the Ardmore Farmers Market let me know that “Cheese is the best source of Bioavailable vitamins for your body.

Di Bruno Bros.

David at the The Cheese Company in Narberth wants everyone to know that “It’s a Gouda Life!”

The Cheese Company

Huge Turnout for Cafē Lift Narberth

in Lower Merion/Narberth
Feeding the Masses!

Cafē Lift Narberth opened their doors to the public last night to showcase their new dinner menu. Their restaurant was packed with friends, loyal fans and those curious to see what this new comer to the area is all about. The idea originally for this location was for a coffee bar and bakery. The ownership team has come together to create a tremendous hit for Main Line diners. “We appreciate how everyone has received our food and the restaurant”, commented Jason, Co-Owner. Already leaving a mark with serving a fabulous brunch, breakfast and lunch. Now they are providing dinner to those looking for a city vibe without going into Philly.

Michael Pasquarello, Co-Owner, was inspired by his Grandmother who was from Calabria. He loved to watch her cook and was eager to help out when he could. He and his team from 13th Street Kitchens have been working hard to bring this dinner menu to Narberth. Chef Colin Mason shared, “We are offering the community a new style of food that has not been offered in the area”. Recently brought on, he brings his talents and experiences as a chef working at some of the top names in the city.

Cafē Lift highlighted a sample of their dinner menu items for hungry guests. Featuring their Beet Salad, Boudin Balls, Lift Burger, Everything Cured Salmon and Parmesan Truffle Fries. You will find many local and regional beers available in draft and bottles. Check out their cocktail menu as well. Nice to see BlueCoat Gin perched on the back of the bar. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. They made sure that everyone had a great time. Lo-Fi Spirits, of Napa, provided cocktails made from their Dry and Sweet Vermouth and Amaro. The open house was slated to go until 8:00. At 8:30 the restaurant was still bustling with people that were having a spectacular time and not ready to leave.

Cafē Lift is located at: 724 Montgomery Avenue, Narberth, PA. Check them out on the web: Cafē Lift

National Popcorn Day

in Lower Merion
Photo Source: Sweet Trading Website

This time-honored treat can be buttered or plain, sweet or savory, caramelized, drizzled with nuts and chocolate and more! The ideas are endless and delicious! Since we love sweet treats, we are going to share some local businesses that are WOWing customers with their sweet popcorn treats!

The Sweet Trading Co.

The Sweet Trading Company crafts Handmade Belgian chocolates, confections, baked goods, candy and yes, chocolate covered popcorn! White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate & Dark Chocolate drizzled over popcorn! They even have a Popcorn Buffet for special occasions that produce even more unique flavors.

Owner Jody uses only the finest kosher Belgian chocolate and only the best ingredients in all of her special treats.

Even though they will not be open today, you can visit them at
733 Montgomery Ave in Narberth.

Sweet Stuff

This Gourmet Chocolate and Candy Store also has chocolate drizzled popcorn! Everything is Gluten and Nut free! If you have children, bring them with you to be mesmerized over their walls of candy!

Visit them at 107 Coulter Avenue, Suburban Square in Ardmore.

Z Candy Bar

Z Candy Bar provides a sweet experience offering a Kosher Candy Bar and Gourmet Chocolate. You can find varieties of flavored covered popcorn, such as Chocolate S more’s and Salty Caramel.

They are located at 306 Levering Mill Road in Bala Cynwyd.

Former Bryn Mawr Pizzeria Getting New Life From Main Line Brewers

in Bryn Mawr/Lower Merion
Photo source: Patch

Source: Patch

BRYN MAWR, PA – After Biga Pizza + Beer closed on Dec. 29, many wondered what would become of the Glenbrook Avenue eatery. And now we know.

Berwyn’s La Cabra Brewing is planning to open a new restaurant at 810 Glenbrook Ave.

La Cabra partner and brewer Dan Popernack announced Monday that the brewers are expanding, opening a new eatery Bodega in the old Biga location.

Continue reading on Patch.


in Lower Merion

Pastrami is a very popular delicatessen meat usually made from beef but sometimes is made from pork, mutton or turkey.  Pastrami was originally created as a way to preserve meat before modern refrigeration. The raw meat is placed in brine, then partially dried, seasoned with various herbs and spices, smoked and steamed.

In celebration of Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day, here are 3 local restaurants in the Lower Merion area that carry this delicious sandwich:

Hymie’s Delicatessen

Stop in Hymie’s Delicatessen for a Homemade Hot Pastrami or a Turkey Pastrami Sandwich. They also have a Pastrami Burger!

342 Montgomery Ave, Merion Station, PA 19066

Katz’s Deli

Take your pick of these available sandwiches. Pastrami Sandwich, Turkey Breast & Pastrami Club Sandwich, Barbeque Pastrami Sandwich or a Pastrami Burger. They also have other sandwiches that include pastrami.

225 E City Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Murray’s Deli

Enjoy a deli-made Pastrami Sandwich or a Hot Pastrami Platter.

285 Montgomery Ave Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Honoring a Lower Merion sports star who died serving his country 100 years ago

in Bala Cynwyd/Lower Merion
Photo Source: Wikipedia

Source: Main Line Media News

LOWER MERION — It’s a common practice to place flowers or wreaths on the graves of departed loved ones. But sometimes people leave other things — photos, small stones or even coins.

But there’s a tombstone in Bala Cynwyd where people have been known to leave something very different: hockey pucks.

The pucks are to commemorate the life of a man by the name of Hobart (Hobey) Amory Hare Baker, a Lower Merion native who went on to become a star athlete at Princeton but then was tragically killed 100 years ago in France.

When the United States entered World War I, Baker went off to France to serve in the Army Air Service. He never made it home.

In December of 1918, just over a month after the armistice that ended the war was signed, his plane crashed, killing him.

Today, he is buried in his home township of Lower Merion at West Laurel Hill Cemetery, and it’s on that tombstone where hockey fans have been to known to leave pucks in honor of the man.

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Main Line Craft Steakhouse Closing

in Bryn Mawr/Lower Merion
Photo Credit: Patch

Source: Patch

MAIN LINE, PA – A Main Line steakhouse is closing its doors this weekend after five years.

Cerise Craft Steakhouse on Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr will serve its last meals on Saturday Jan. 12, the restaurant announced on social media.

However, chef and owner Ben Thomas said this isn’t the true end of Cerise.

“This is the last week of normal operation, and then we will have several classic Cerise tasting menu Saturdays,” Thomas posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page. He also said he will continue to cater cook for private events.

There are two special prix fixe dinner events planned for January. See details on those below.

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