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The Bakery House

The Ancient Greeks are believed to have originated the pie pastry. Today, we have amazing bakeries right here in our own backyard producing delicious pies. What’s Happening Lower Merion visited 3 to get their take on pies and pie day. All of the bakeries take a tremendous amount of pride in what they do and how they are serving the Lower Merion Community.

The Bakery House

The Bakery House

The Bakery House is celebrating its 30th year. Manager Chris Spina shared, “Everything we make is made from scratch, from the pie dough to the pie filling. We get our fruit fresh, all of our ingredients are fresh. Made to order, baked fresh every day.” He pointed out that it takes 1 hour, for the pie master, to make just 3 of their huge apple pies.

The Ultimate Bake Shoppe of Ardmore

They are famous for their Delicious Home Baked Biscotti, and they continue to tempt shoppers at The Ardmore Farmer’s Market with their baked specialties. One of them is their Pies. Renee exclaimed, “pies make everyone happy!”

Stoltzfus Homestyle Bakery

Stoltzfus Homestyle Bakery

Made with love and butter, Stoltzfus bakery offers fresh Amish baked goods direct from Lancaster County. Rosa told me “We make pies like Mom used to make. We have every kind of pie! We have 3 different kinds of Apple, we have cherry, we have berry berry, peach, blueberry and Shoofly.” She told me that you can eat their shoofly pie for breakfast with milk. “It’s Da Bomb!”

Former Bryn Mawr Pizzeria Getting New Life From Main Line Brewers

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Photo source: Patch

Source: Patch

BRYN MAWR, PA – After Biga Pizza + Beer closed on Dec. 29, many wondered what would become of the Glenbrook Avenue eatery. And now we know.

Berwyn’s La Cabra Brewing is planning to open a new restaurant at 810 Glenbrook Ave.

La Cabra partner and brewer Dan Popernack announced Monday that the brewers are expanding, opening a new eatery Bodega in the old Biga location.

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Main Line Craft Steakhouse Closing

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Photo Credit: Patch

Source: Patch

MAIN LINE, PA – A Main Line steakhouse is closing its doors this weekend after five years.

Cerise Craft Steakhouse on Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr will serve its last meals on Saturday Jan. 12, the restaurant announced on social media.

However, chef and owner Ben Thomas said this isn’t the true end of Cerise.

“This is the last week of normal operation, and then we will have several classic Cerise tasting menu Saturdays,” Thomas posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page. He also said he will continue to cater cook for private events.

There are two special prix fixe dinner events planned for January. See details on those below.

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