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New Korean Barbecue Eatery Now Open In Ardmore

in Ardmore/Lower Merion

Source: Patch

ARDMORE, PA — If you think the Main Line’s food scene will ever stop growing, you’re in the wrong, as another new spot is serving up authentic Korean barbecue food in Ardmore now.

Songsan officially opened its doors to the public on March 26, offering all kinds of Korean BBQ favorites to hungry guests.

Located at 66 Rittenhouse Place in Ardmore, Songsan offers dishes ranging from edamame to bulgogi, kimchi fries to ramen, Korean BBQ tacos to bibimbop. It also offers tabletop barbecuing for the authentic KBBQ experience.

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Valentine’s Day Flowers

in Ardmore/Bala Cynwyd/Lower Merion

Still looking to get flowers for someone special? Recently, you let us know where the go to florists are in Lower Merion. What’s Happening Lower Merion visited with them as prepared bouquets and arrangements for their customers.

Valentines Day Facts:

It is the number one holiday for florists. 30% of flowers are purchased.

28% of American Adults purchase flowers (28% Men and 15% Women)

84% of flowers purchased are Roses. Red 68%, Pink 40%, White 35%

Need a place to pick up flowers or plants for someone special for Valentine’s Day or year round? Let them know you saw the article on What’s Happening Lower Merion.

TrilliuM has been in business for 37 years. They made their home in Ardmore almost 6 years ago. Wally shared “one of the best things that ever happened for us was our decision to relocate to Ardmore.” They are excited about the future of Ardmore and they are excited to be a part of it. “Ardmore, will be THE place to come to.” The weather this time of year can be challenging. Flowers are temperature sensitive. Timing is important for bringing in flowers. On Valentine’s Day there are a lot of last minute decisions and they are ready to handle them. They have plenty of flowers on hand for your last minute purchases.

Long Stems is celebrating 34 years of making people happy with flowers. It’s 2 days before Valentines Day. It’s snowing and raining and the weather is challenging. It’s all hands on deck at the flower shop. Keith said, “This is the Super Bowl for flowers.” They bring in a refrigerated trailer just for this time of year. Currently it is full of flowers waiting to be made into something special. “Our customers really support us big time! It’s a really good town for flowers.”


in Ardmore/Lower Merion/Narberth
Pizza Day!

Deep Dish… New York Style… White… Plain… Pepperoni… Works… Meat Lovers… Vege… Cheese… NO! Anchovies… Hawaiian…

How do you like your Pizza? Is there a food that creates such a strong feeling of emotion or memory? Do you like thin crust or thick? Extra Cheese or Extra Sauce? So many varieties and flavors. You can have your pizza delivered, dine in or by the slice. Cold leftover pizza. Do you eat your slice front to back or back to front? Do you fold it in half? There are endless possibilities.

Every Friday was pizza day in school. You could smell it in the hall walking to the cafeteria. That was the day that the lines were the longest. Pizza was never used as a flying projectile for a food fight. You never saw those square pieces of crust and cheese being flung in the air like the veal patty. You saw less lunchboxes on pizza day. Then there was summer camp pizza. A greasy gooey mess of 1 pound of cheese on every slice. We used to take a napkin and put it on the pizza to remove the extra oil. Laughing at to how many napkins would be needed. We had contests to see who could eat the most. Who could beat the legendary pizza eaters from Summer’s past.

There was pizza after the game. Late night pizza runs in college. Is pizza not the perfect food? Whats Happening Lower Merion visited 3 of the areas pizzerias to get their take on pizza and pizza day.

Felicia’s Pizza

Tony has been making pizza at Felicia’s for 21 years. He’s proud and dedicated to the pizza that comes out of his oven. “I wouldn’t serve anything that I wouldn’t eat. It has to be right for my customers”

Real Pizza

“Pizza is nourishment!” Steve and Stephanie Liappis have been making pizza for 49 years. At Real Pizza, Steve, makes his own sauce and combines his own cheese. He makes his dough 3 times a day. “We love our people and we love our customers.”

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Wayne Durrant manages the kitchen at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. He has been making pizza with the company for 8 years. He started out as a dishwasher and he worked his way up. He loves working at Anthony’s. The people who work there are his family and friends. “Pizza well done, the best pizza in town.”


in Ardmore/Bryn Mawr/Lower Merion
The Bakery House

The Ancient Greeks are believed to have originated the pie pastry. Today, we have amazing bakeries right here in our own backyard producing delicious pies. What’s Happening Lower Merion visited 3 to get their take on pies and pie day. All of the bakeries take a tremendous amount of pride in what they do and how they are serving the Lower Merion Community.

The Bakery House

The Bakery House

The Bakery House is celebrating its 30th year. Manager Chris Spina shared, “Everything we make is made from scratch, from the pie dough to the pie filling. We get our fruit fresh, all of our ingredients are fresh. Made to order, baked fresh every day.” He pointed out that it takes 1 hour, for the pie master, to make just 3 of their huge apple pies.

The Ultimate Bake Shoppe of Ardmore

They are famous for their Delicious Home Baked Biscotti, and they continue to tempt shoppers at The Ardmore Farmer’s Market with their baked specialties. One of them is their Pies. Renee exclaimed, “pies make everyone happy!”

Stoltzfus Homestyle Bakery

Stoltzfus Homestyle Bakery

Made with love and butter, Stoltzfus bakery offers fresh Amish baked goods direct from Lancaster County. Rosa told me “We make pies like Mom used to make. We have every kind of pie! We have 3 different kinds of Apple, we have cherry, we have berry berry, peach, blueberry and Shoofly.” She told me that you can eat their shoofly pie for breakfast with milk. “It’s Da Bomb!”

Professional Networking on The Main Line has another great turnout.

in Ardmore
Brian Cronin, Thanking Everyone for coming out.

The bitter freezing temperatures couldn’t keep over thirty business professionals away from the Iron Hill Brewery, in Ardmore. Host and creator of the organization Brian Cronin observed how the group continues to grow and the events keep getting better.

This group fills a need for evening networking events on the Main Line. They pick a number of different restaurants to meet at and there is a wide array of professionals represented. Check out Professional Networking on the Main Line on Facebook and make sure you are able to make their next event in February.

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